Book Review: The Perfect Christmas, Debbie Macomber

Two women are both out to find the perfect man in Debbie Macomber’s latest, The Perfect Christmas. Read the review now.

Debbie Macomber, The Perfect Christmas, Book Reviews on AmazonCassie and Angie are best friends and each is looking for the love of their lives. As Christmas draws nearer, Cassie reflects back on her life and wonders when she will reach the American dream of finding a husband and starting a family.

At thirty-three years old, Cassie feels her biological clock ticking and fears that time is running out. To Angie’s surprise, Cassie takes the $30,000 she has been saving her entire life to spend on her wedding and hires a professional matchmaker. After all, what does she have to lose? Cassie has already tried meeting men on her own, being set up by friends, and internet dating, all to no avail. The matchmaker, Simon, has her complete three tasks before he will let her meet the match he has picked for her. Along the way of completing the assigned tasks, Cassie realizes that it is Simon she has fallen in love with and vows to win his love and make it the perfect Christmas.

Debbie Macomber, The Perfect Christmas, Book Reviews on AmazonCheck it out on Amazon: Kindred in Death, by J.D. Robb. New to This book is No. 5 on our list of the Top 10 Romance Novel Gifts for Christmas 2009!

Book Review: Kindred in Death, J.D. Robb

When Jonah and his wife return from vacation, they find their sixteen year old daughter brutally murdered; and they turn to Eve Dallas for help.

Kindred in Death, by J.D. RobbWhen Jonah and his wife return from vacation, they find their sixteen year old daughter brutally murdered. Recently promoted to captain in the New York Police Department, Jonah is devastated to lose his daughter so tragically. He asks Lieutenant Eve Dallas to personally lead the investigation and find his daughter’s killer.

A seasoned policewoman, Eve has seen her share of tragedy but is shaken to the core when she witnesses the violence of the young girl’s death and promises her boss that she will find whoever committed the crime. With state of the art technology, Eve and her team begin tracking the killer they believe committed this horrendous crime. But the killer has other plans and through a series of events, Eve learns that the captain’s daughter may not have been the first or the last person to be killed by this serial maniac.

Kindred in Death, by J.D. RobbCheck it out on Amazon: Kindred in Death, by J.D. Robb. New to This book is No. 4 on our list of the Top 10 Romance Novel Gifts for Christmas 2009!

Mini Book Review: Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts

Four sisters unite to form the ultimate wedding planning company, Vows, in Nora Roberts’ latest book, Bed of Roses (Book 2 in the Bride Quartet).

Nora Roberts, Bed of Roses, Contemporary RomanceFour young girls with dreams of their wedding days grow up into young women who turn those dreams into a lucrative business. Together the four women own and run Vows, a wedding planning company based in Greenwich Connecticut. Determined to make every bride’s dreams come true, Emma, MacKensie, Parker and Laurel know what it takes to make each and every wedding perfect.

Running a successful business keeps the friends close, but Emma has been longing for a relationship that will take her to the next level of being a happily married woman. Beautiful and smart, Emma has no trouble attracting men but she can’t seem to find her soul-mate. Perhaps because she has already met him and just doesn’t realize it. Jack finally decides to make his feelings known for Emma in hopes of winning her heart and making her his wife.

Nora Roberts, Bed of RosesCheck it out on Amazon: Bed of Roses, by Nora Roberts. New to Check out our list of the Top 10 Romance Novel Gifts for Christmas 2009!

Mini Book Review: Rainwater by Sandra Brown

A new book by Sandra Brown, ‘Rainwater’ illuminates life during the Great Depression.

Mini Book Review: Sandra Brown, RainwaterTimes are tough in the small town of Gilead Texas, especially for Ella and her son Solly. After being abandoned by her husband, Ella opened open her house as a boardinghouse hoping that it would help make ends meet while leaving her time to watch over Solly who requires a lot of attention. When Ella takes in a new boarder on someone’s recommendation, she is happy to welcome David into her home. David is very shy and quiet around most folks except for Solly, whom he takes an immediate liking to.

David is also a great help around the house and farm, helping Ella with chores without even being asked. Ella is a little leery of this stranger spending so much time with her son and at first questions his motives for helping out, but soon finds herself attracted to David and hopes that his stay becomes a permanent one.

Sandra Brown, RainwaterCheck it out on Amazon: Rainwater, by Sandra Brown. This book also made it onto our list of the Top 10 Romance Novel Gifts for Christmas 2010!

Top 10 romance novels for Christmas 2009

Looking for gift ideas for your significant other? If they’re a fan of romance novels, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our list of the Top 10 romance books for the Holiday season.

Looking for gift ideas for your significant other? If they’re a fan of romance novels, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our list of the Top 10 romance books for the Holiday season:

1) The Sookie Stackhouse ‘Southern Vampire’ Series (eight books), $36.97

The Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlene Harris served as the inspiration for HBO's True Blood. Unbeknown to a lot of readers, Charlene Harris’ series on Sookie Stackhouse served as the inspiration for the HBO television show, True Blood. Vampire fans have flocked to the books while waiting for the next title in the Twilight series. Now, you can get the first eight books in the set for a pretty fair price: $36.97.


2) The Twilight Saga (four books), $45.65

The Twilight saga box set; perfect Christmas gift for book lovers. Somehow, four vampire fantasy novels have transformed America’s romance readers into a group of vampire-loving fan girls. The Twilight series’ latest movie, New Moon, broke weekend box office records when it was released in November, and that’s sparked renewed interest in Stephanie Meyers’ book series, Twilight. In this series, we meet Bella Swan, a clumsy high-schooler who was born with the ability to suppress the powers of vampires. That makes it OK when she falls in love with the 104-year-old vamp, Edward Cullen.


3) Rainwater by Sandra Brown, $13.97

Rainwater Review; a new book by Sandra Brown set in the Great Depression. The latest by Sandra Brown, Rainwater was released in hardcover on Nov. 3, 2009. Here we find ourselves at a boardinghouse in Texas in 1934 – during the height of the Great Depression. Ella Barron runs the boardinghouse with her 10-year-old son, Solly. Things start to change when a Mr. David Rainwater shows up looking for lodging. The two quickly grow determined to share their lives with one another – even as their small town crumbles around them in racism and hatred.


4) Kindred in Death, by Nora Roberts (as J.D. Robb), $13.49

J.D. Robb's (Nora Roberts) latest book in the "In Death" series makes a great Christmas gift for thriller and romance fans. One of Nora Robert’s most successful book franchises is her “In Death” series, which she started writing in 1995 under the pseudonym J.D. Robb. The stories are set in the near future, following the exploits of a hyper-advanced branch of the NYPD. These aren’t your typical romance novels – and this book, in particular, is edgy. Lt. Eve Dallas and her husband Rourke are charged with finding the sadistic rapist who killed the police chief’s daughter. It’s a technological thriller with romance, intelligence and intuition – much like the rest of the “In Death” series. The book was released on Nov. 3, 2009.


5) The Perfect Christmas, by Debbie Macomber, $27.96

The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber makes the perfect Christmas gift. A hardcover book released late in September, The Perfect Christmas comes from one of romance’s most successful writers: Debbie Macomber. Macomber has more than 140 million books in print. In The Perfect Christmas, the story centers on Cassie Beaumont who has tried just about every method in the world to meet the perfect guy. Out of desperation, she goes to Simon Dodson – a professional matchmaker (and something of a jerk). Before Simon will set Cassie up with her perfect mate, she must perform three tasks, he says, all done in the Christmas spirit.


6) Dying Scream, by Mary Burton, $6.99

Mary Burton's latest book, Dying Scream, hits shelves on Dec. 1. It's the perfect Christmas gift for romance/thriller fans. Due on shelves Dec. 1, 2009, Dying Scream starts with Adrianna Barrington receiving an anniversary card from her husband, Craig. It’s a sadistic joke, she thinks, since her husband’s dead, but the gifts don’t stop coming. She gets flowers, phone calls and messages. Growing more confused, frightened and panicked, she enlists the help of detective Gage Hudson. Together they’ll get to the bottom of the mystery, no matter what long-hidden secrets they must uncover.


7) J.R. Ward Box Set, by J.R. Ward, $28.04

No. 7 on our list of the Top 10 Christmas gifts for romance novel readers, J.R. Ward's black dagger series. A gritty, gripping series that centers around a dying breed of headstrong vampires: the Black Dagger Brotherhood. This is the perfect gift for romance readers who devoured Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse’s ‘Southern Vampire’ series. The first book focuses on Wrath – the last of all purebred vampires. He fights an endless war against a seemingly infinite group of vampire killers. He learns to enjoy his existence more with the help of a half-human girl named Beth whom he’s charged with caring for.


8 ) That Holiday Feeling, by Macomber, Woods and Carr, $7.99

Three romance novels in one, all with the theme of Chistmas. It's the best of all gifts for romance book readers. A collection of three holiday-themed romance books by three leading romance authors, That Holiday Feeling puts all the titles in one book. Here, we’ve got, Silver Bells by Debbie Macomber, The Perfect Holiday by Sherryl Woods, and Under the Christmas Tree by Robyn Carr. All three heartwarming books are certain to get the romance reader in your life into the holiday spirit.


9) A Creed Country Christmas, by Linda Lael Miller, $9.15

Best Christmas gifts for romance novel readers; Linda Leal Miller's Creed Country Christmas. Here we find Juliana Mitchell – a headstrong teacher who’s disowned by her family when she refuses to enter the perfect marriage match. Kicked out on her own, she struggles to find work in Montana in 1910. Finally, though, she stumbles upon a small school with four needy students. But again, fate’s against her and the school is closed. Her savior turns out to be rancher Lincoln Creed whose in desperate need of a governess for his 7-year-old daughter. When the teacher and Mr. Lincoln Creed are caught in a compromising position everything changes overnight.


10) Vampire Darcy’s Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Adaptation, by Regina Jeffers, $10.17

vampire-darcys-desire-pride-and-prejudice-best-romance-book-christmas-2009 Perhaps the most unique book on our list of the best Christmas gifts for romance novel readers, Vampire Darcy’s Desire is a vampish adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic book Pride and Prejudice. Here we learn that Darcy isn’t just a gentleman, he’s a Dhampir, cursed with the desire for human blood. If a Dhampir yields to his desire for blood, the curse continues for all the family’s children. If he doesn’t, he’ll die, but the family curse will be lifted. Mr. Darcy believes he’s destined to break the family curse; of course, that’s before he meets Ms. Elizabeth Bennett.


Looking for other great Christmas gifts for fans of romance novels? updates their list of bestselling romance novels every hour.